We design and build ovens, spray booths, conveyor belts, suction booths, washing machines, we perform custom carpentry, general maintenance and industrial assembly.

The COS.MO. IMPIANTI S.N.C. was founded in 1984, is a company specialized in the design of machines for the treatment and coating of metals, not standard, but according to the customer’s requirements. Certified since 2001, got from January 2010 the certification UNI EN ISO 9001 for: 2008.

The constant search for improvement and the continuous change in the market, has led our company to be a technical reference for established commercial corporations and to operate mainly in carpentry, building maintenance and general industrial assemblys.

Our production capacity, which usually hovers about 15 units, is divided into working force for the construction at our headquarters and teams that are used for Assembly or maintenance.

In addition to internal design the COS.MO. IMPIANTI S.N.C. relies on external cooperation for electrics and electronics to offer a full service in case of complex systems.